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Commit to Be Fit

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 12 Week


Week #7

 Are You Creating

Your Own Failure?

Everything we do started somewhere with a thought. Just because you think your are on the road to doom doesn't mean you are until you take action…...


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Limited Time Zumba Membership Sale

Have you tried our kickboxing class yet? New time, 9 am on Saturdays. Easy to follow with a work out that is sure to challenge every fitness level.


Zumba has been changed to 10 am on Saturdays


If you are looking to strengthen your core, come to class at 5:30 pm on Thursdays.  this progressive class will teach you how to get those core muscles strong.

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I started my journey with a Pilates class thinking at the time that I would finally have the core strength that Pilates promises.
Though it was hard since I had never done anything like that before, I stuck it out thinking that in


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TRX 12 Month Platinum Membership $61.99 per month (reg $74)

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12 Month Gold/Group Classes $41.99 per month (reg $49)

or 6 Month Gold/ Group Classes $45.99 per month (all classes Except TRX)



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What Makes Us


We are not Traditional.  Our program has been described as innovative, life changing, progressive and exciting. There is nothing conventional about our approach. We rely on success for you as an individual, we count on it. The only race you have at our studio, is the race against yourself, to become a more fit YOU. We believe in coming to each class "as you are" and leaving better than you started.


Our classes are designed to bring success at whatever fitness level you are currently and inspire you to bring yourself to your personal best. We offer group training at an affordable pricing for those truly looking for change, as well as other fitness classes to compliment your fitness experience. We keep our classes fresh and interesting so that your body and mind doesn't get bored!


Our fitness coaches are in a constant environment of continuous learning and honing their skills to bring you the best experience possible. They are passionate about helping you find your individual success and they have been trained to accomplish this in a classroom environment.


Our concept is built on a full body approach, seeing you as the individual that you are and helping you to see the vision of where you can go. We don't have a contract and our memberships are month to month.  We also offer pay by class. You decide what works for you. We  believe in our program and rely on satisfaction with our program , rather than trapping you in a lengthy contract.


If you are ready to try something new and break away from the traditional fitness world, give us a chance to show you what being a part of an exciting, innovative fitness community is like!

- A true dance floor that protects your knees from impact.

- A stage to better see the instructor.

- Multiple fans and air conditioning vents.

- A stereo system with a mixing board to bring you the best sound possible

- State of the art microphones for all of our instructors.

- 1650 square feet of space.

Join us in our State of the Art


Designed with you in mind:

The 30,000 square foot indoor sports facility, Murrysville SportZone Arena includes our Total Body 3D/Dance Amor Fitness, TRX Qualified Suspension Training, and a full line up of Zumba classes. These are just a few of the unique and enjoyable work-out solutions we offer. Warning! People of all fitness levels can become addicted! Before you know it you'll be enjoying (yes, even you!) the fun that can be working-out, and all of the health benefits. Whether you consider yourself a fitness aficionado or a Come-as-You-Are For-the-Fun-of-it type, you'll find yourself able to reach your fitness goals with us.