Letting Go of the Idea You Need to Have a "Beach Body".

Create Your "Best Body", Instead of Someone Else's Body Image.

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We are a Community of Real People

Our studio caters to the forward thinkers who are looking for an individual  experience, free of the gym mentality.

We are not trend followers but blaze our own path to create a personal success story that fits each individual.

Anyone can lose weight year after year, but this year, are you ready to create a life- changing experience and live a new story?

We are taught by society to find our acceptable by emulating someone else's body type and experience. This leads to endless failure and frustration.

Our goal is to teach you to find the best you, the one that sees all your qualities and gifts instead of your perceived flaws. For those who truly want to be unique  stead of part of the crowd, we have your back!

We don't just teach fitness but show you how to excel at whatever goal you set out to accomplish.

If you want to create something different in your life you have to walk a different path.

Come to the Un-Gym'd environment and find your fitness journey.



 TRX Brings a Different Experience to Your Workout

At Total Body 3D, we are committed to bringing you a unique  workout experience.

Have you ever experienced a complete TRX workout? TRX will change the way your body moves, feels and functions. And it is fun!

Take the challenge to master yourself and find a fitness level inside yourself that you never knew existed.

Private studios charge over $100 a month for one type of exercise. At Total Body 3D, we offer a wide variety of classes with instructors that keep the classes challenging and interesting at about half the cost.

We are offer personal studio service for a reasonable price.

Come and see how well we fit together!

1 week $20

Join the Un-Gym'd environment and be ready to love every class!




Looking for a Fun Way to Connect With Your Teen?

Helping our children create a positive self image can be challenging at times. We want to protect them from ridicule and help them to create a sense of self but many times our own insecurities get in the way.

With all the pressure that our teens endure , especially in this culture perhaps one of the most rewarding things we can do with them is just have a little fun together.

So we are inviting you to bring your teen to our Tuesday or Thursday Zumba® class and just have fun with them. It is a place where no one has to be right or wrong. The atmosphere is totally accepting and brings an atmosphere of fun and joy.

You don't have to know how to dance just be willing to play along with fun instructors.  Our atmosphere allows everyone especially your teen to just be in a no judgment zone and explore their own personality.

On Tuesday nights at 7, the music will be more songs they have heard from the radio. Thursday evening will be a mix. Only $5 per person to drop in, it is a great night out for you and your teen.



Did you Know that you can attend our evening Zumba classes for a $5 drop in?

Bring Your friends and let's party!

Tues/ Thurs 7 pm

Looking for the Ultimate Birthday Party? Schedule a Fitness Class and Invite Your Friends.

Call Deb for More Information 724-875-8463.