Being an Example for my Children- Melanie G.

I have always been an active person who enjoyed running for exercise and overall health wellness, but never really focused on developing strength.  I would occasionally try an exercise class, such as spinning that included some resistance training, but would get bored easily with it.  I knew aerobically I was in good condition, but as far as strength, I was not.  Free weights were another option I would turn to at times, but again wouldn’t commit enough time or effort to see any real results. 

About a year ago, I had moved to the area.  With all the changes going on in my life, I wanted to get back on track with my fitness goals and focus on strength.  I started researching gyms and studios that offered some type of strength training classes, as well as different cardio classes to break up my routine of just running every day.   Also, as a busy mom of four active kids, I was in search of a facility that offered classes and hours that could fit my schedule and was close by.  I came across information on TRX Training, and it was exactly what I was looking for.

The goal when I started was to become stronger.  I didn’t know a lot about TRX training, just that it involved core strength and body weight training, so I was anxious to give it a try. 

The atmosphere at Total Body is much different than a standard gym.  Everyone is so encouraging, motivational and down to earth.  The environment is stress free and most of all fun!

Working out makes me feel good overall. It’s a great stress reliever and provides me confidence and a sense of accomplishment.  However, my main objective has always been to set a positive example for my children to work hard, be dedicated and live a healthy, active lifestyle in hopes they will maintain it their lives.

I notice a considerable change in my overall body conditioning and strength.  Certain activities or moves that were challenges for me in the past, such as push-ups, aren’t as difficult to perform now.  A year ago, I would have never imagined I could do 50 push-ups and perform them correctly!   Also, as a runner I notice a difference in endurance, strength and mobility.  I don’t experience the same level of body fatigue as I used to after a run.  In addition, my knowledge on fitness overall has expanded greatly, which is attributed to the expertise of the instruction provided. 

The Un-Gym’d experience allows you to gain more personal training and development.  It’s a tremendous benefit that classes are smaller, so the instructors are able to focus on everyone participating in the class and ensure every move you complete is done correctly to prevent injury and is performed at the level you should be working at to achieve the best results.  In addition, you gain new friendships by seeing basically the same faces in your classes every day!  It is an overall great experience!

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