What it Means to Be Un-Gym'Dtm...

To find our true abilities, we need to stop looking for the industry standard of success and have enough confidence and self acceptance to see the potential of our individual self.

When we are treated as an individual, recognized by our own strengths, instead of looking outside ourselves for who we believe we need to be, we start to bring power to our own brand of success.

Seeing the value of our bodies, how we are built, our style, our self, allows us to find our personal success. Feel comfortable and celebrate your real body, first from what you feel inside and then create that vision of yourself in your physical body.

Personal empowerment in the fitness experience means that we ;

  • Don’t have to be like everyone else.

  • Are capable of seeing our strengths as individuals and use those strengths to find success.

  • See value as an individual.

These are the clients that find success at our studio. We build on real people and see the potential of the real you.

The key to success is making it personal. Don’t settle for a carbon copy, when you can be the real deal.

Why Create an Un-Gym'D Environment?

My own fitness journey has brought me the desire to offer health and fitness to everyone.

Several years ago I had a decision to make. I could see my health declining. After having six children, struggling with severe anemia, hormonal issues, weight gain, back, hip, knee issues and insulin resistance, I knew I either had to accept where my body was, or change my lifestyle.

It was a hard road for me. I didn’t have the stamina to walk through the mall. I had to nap every afternoon because of severe fatigue. My body was a wreck, everything was weak and frankly I just didn’t know where to start.

I, like many others, believed that my answers could be found if I just joined a gym. I had the idea that the trainers would understand where I was on the fitness scale and understand my limitations.

After working with several trainers (and accruing several injuries), I realized that we didn’t have a lot in common.  Most of them were younger than me, had been athletes all their life and didn’t really know what it felt like to be really starting at the rock bottom.

At the gym I saw others like me. I knew they to would be starting the vicious cycle of hope and failure, starting over and over again to make changes, but failing over and over again and believing it was their fault.

I started to wonder, is there a place for people like me in the fitness world? Can health and wellness be a goal as well as weight control and athletic performance? Can there be programs available for the majority of the population and not just the 15% that succeed in an athletic club?

And so I began the journey of healing my body, gaining experience, working in a six pack ab environment and fighting the stereo typical gym atmosphere.

Today I am strong. I am healthy and most of all, I am a real person.

About Deb

 I wanted to offer more than a show case body to my clients. I wanted to offer them  a vision of what their life could be like as they become more fit and healthy, no matter what their circumstance. I work from the motto of start where you are and get better every day. Competing with someone else just breeds frustrating and failure. But being able to see your own ability to change your life, your circumstances  is the key to leaving an old, unfit lifestyle behind and embracing all that you can be.

       My methods aren’t conventional. But I have seen much success teaching my clients to see outside the box that society creates for us. Finding the real you, all that you can be, in health, fitness and personal best is change that stays with you for the rest of your life.

So if you are tired of just trying to reach you goals and are ready to get off that hamster wheel of fitness, come and give us a try.

As for my success story, I’m still writing it. But I will tell you going from rock bottom to athlete helps me understand how to bring you from where you are, to where you want to be.  I’ve walked to path and it has been so exciting, the only question is, are you ready to start your own journey?


 I  created  Dance Amor Fitness and Total Body 3D with these goals in mind. I want all of you to personally know that it is possible to find that health and strength in your own life. I want you to be able to have a fitness experience with instructors that care about your needs and strive hard to better themselves, so they can bring you the best classes possible. And I want you to feel the joy and success that I have felt as I have been able to embrace the gift of health.

I am a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise. I also hold a group fitness certification though ACE.


I also hold certifications in:

  •  Blackbelt Tang Soo Do
  •  TRX Suspension Training
  •  TRX Group Suspension Training
  •  TRX Sports Medicine Training
  •  Certified Zumba Instructor
  • Hip Hop Hustle Instructor
  • Personal Training Older Adult Fitness
  • Silversneakers I and II
  • Size-sensitive training for overweight clients
  • Yogafit 1,2,3,4,5 and seniors
  • PIYO Certification
  • CPR
  • R.I.P.P.E.D Certified
  • Drums Alive!
  • Member of IDEA Health and Fitness Association
  • Member of Zumba Fitness Network


Our Story

Our History is Rich With People Like You

We  built our business on our reputation, to always bring you the best that we could bring with honor and Integrity.

Maybe you have been part of our story in the past. We are grateful for all the beautiful moments!