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Be Fit Classes for All Exercise Groups

Our Be Fit classes mainly consist of our daytime classes (with the exception of Zumba which is listed in this category for pricing reasons.)

   These classes are designed for those who are looking for a beginner or mid level fitness experience.

Though many seniors participate in these classes, I have chosen not to label them as senior  classes because many senior classes are taught with the idea that age is a limiting factor.

There is nothing limiting about the seniors that participate in our fitness program. Our programs are designed to help everyone regardless of age and limitation, find their true potential and not just a better quality of life but the best quality of life.

Our instructors are well versed in all types of fitness levels and experience and can help almost anyone who just has the belief that they can be stronger.

One client came in to me and told me she was so weak she didn’t think she could take more than two classes a week. At the present time, she takes 2-3 classes a day and then sometimes finishes with a walk in the evening.

These classes include a half hour of TRX healthy and Fit which keeps the body all over strong and can be done by anyone. This class is unique to our studio and is one of the reasons our “seniors” are so strong.

Interested in keeping your youth and vitality with you?  Take some classes and hang out with our  supportive members for a while. You’ll be surprised at how your life will change.

Some of Our Be Fit Classes

What is your fitness goal? Do you want to be stronger, have a better quality of life? We have classes to help you accomplish your goals.


Our Body Needs to Move in All Directions to Stay Strong

Walkfit is workable for all levels of fitness and provides an all over fitness experience.

Working out keeps all of us youthful and teaches us a better quality of living. Who doesn't want that?

Healthy and Fit TRX

 TRX Is Truly a Tool to Bring Strength to Everyone in Every Fitness Circumstance

Have a knee issue, shoulder problem, back pain, etc.? TRX will help your muscles to strengthen and learn to work together.

It is a very fast process of strength and a better quality of life. Can you see beyond your limitations?  We can.

H.I.I.T. 30

Our 30 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training is Taught  for all Levels of Fitness

This class takes everyone beyond where they think they can go. Many modifications are offered, but as participants continue to take this class they find so much improvement in their fitness levels, they soon move beyond the modifications.

Participants ages range from 30's to 70's. If you can let go of your limitations, we can take you beyond where you think you can go.

Are You Ready to Find Your Healthy?

Other programs focus on age limitation. We see you exactly where you are, remembering that age is not a disease. You can enhance your vitality, strength and quality of life through our programs. Let us show you how. (We do not accept any type of insurance plans).

   Getting in Shape After Retirement /Debbie S.


Debbie S.

When I retired, I set some goals for myself. One important goal was to “get in shape”. I was so happy to have the time to do more than walk occasionally.

I joined the local CURVES® and enjoyed the physical and social experience. When it closed, I was crushed, nowhere to go to keep up my goal.

But then I heard about Total Body 3D and decided to give it a try. It was a great fit for me, more challenging, more variety of classes and lots of great people!

My goal has always been to get stronger and enjoy doing it. The classes offered, the instructors and the music keep me going and encourage me to try new things. It’s a place that isn’t about keeping up or losing weight. It really is a “personal journey”.

I love the variety of classes and instructors. It really eliminates the boredom of exercising. I can’t imaging walking on a treadmill or using any type of workout machine after experiencing the fun of Zumba®, the challenging of conditioning, or the walking classes.

The instructors all get to know everyone and accommodate all skill levels. I’ve made so many friends and we are all working together to accomplish our goals.

I feel so much stronger and less stressed out since starting at Total Body 3D. Immersing myself in a class makes me feel more capable, talking to my friends there or taking a yoga class is a wonderful stress reliever. It feels great to be part of a community.

I couldn’t o back to working out alone. I’m truly proud of my progress toward being a stronger, healthier person.

There are so many options here for anyone of any fitness level to improve  their individual strength and health. Everyone is welcome here.