Getting “Pumped” for My Wedding – Amy M.

In March of 2016, I was scrolling through my emails and came across a Groupon email advertising workout classes and gyms. I scrolled through the listings and saw Total Body 3D’s TRX classes which intrigued me. Soon after, I setup an appointment to meet with the owner, Debbie and completed a 1-on-1 TRX beginners workout with her. I was getting married in October and decided to take the plunge and sign up for a one year membership. Fast forward to two years later and I am still a very happy member of the Total Body 3D family.

 Prior to joining TB3D I had mainly worked out at home using DVDs and my treadmill. While that was a convenient way to work out, I never really saw myself making the progress I wanted to. I came to TB3D mainly hoping to lose weight. While I have lost only a few pounds over the past two years, I can say my body has changed tremendously. I have gained so much strength and have toned my body in areas and ways I never thought possible. I feel my clothes fitting me better and am happier with what I see when I look in the mirror. I am able to complete more physically grueling workouts thanks to how conditioned I am from TRX, Kickboxing, HIIT and Conditioning classes offered at TB3D. Additionally, my confidence overall is through the roof.

 Before joining TB3D I was never comfortable wearing tank tops and showing off my arms. I knew this was something I had to get past considering I was wearing a strapless dress for my wedding, a mere 6 months from the day I joined. Debbie and the other instructors at TB3D, along with the other members, were so motivating and accepting. I never felt judged walking through the door for classes once I finally decided to wear a tank top to class for the first time. Debbie even came up with a fun arm-sculpting wedding challenge to prepare me for wearing my strapless dress.

 The other members of TB3D quickly turned into family to me. We regularly talk and laugh before classes and know a lot about one another, sharing both big events in our lives and the details of our daily grind. For me, the people I work out with really make a difference to the quality of the workout. Each work out is challenging but so much fun. We motivate each other to push ourselves to the next level while having a blast each class. No matter what mood or headspace I am in when I get to class, I walk out smiling ear-to-ear in the best possible mood.

 I live in North Huntingdon and drive 25 minutes each way (to and from) TB3D but in my opinion, it is VERY worth it. Debbie is unlike anyone I have ever met. Her classes are challenging, inspiring and motivating. She always goes the extra mile to ensure you are getting what you want and need from the classes. The other instructors are equally as motivating and challenging and truly care about your work out goals. I would highly, highly recommend Total Body 3D to anybody looking for a unique and fun place to exceed their fitness goals!



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