Avid P90X User-Dave H.



For many years I was a avid user of the  P90X program (P90X, P90X Plus and P90X 3). I also enjoyed running , averaging about 12 miles a week.

Over time , I started to lose interest with the same workouts. Boredom set in, I had no one to motivate me and push me to do better. It was easy to back off on my workouts or just not do them at all.

 I had heard a lot about TRX but frankly, I was skeptical. I am used to weight lifting and working out in a traditional way. But I was at a point where my workouts just weren’t as effective for me.

 I decided to give TRX a try at Total Body 3D. It was really hard at first, even though I had a continuous workout schedule in the past. I have been attending two to three classes a week and see a definite difference in my body.

I realize that my core is stronger than it has ever been and TRX has improved my running performance.

What I really like about TRX group training is every class is different and my body is constantly challenged. The people are very friendly and the instructors push me to work harder than I think I can to enhance my fitness level. I just have to show up. It makes reaching my fitness goals really easy.

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