Cathy C. “I decided I wanted to find something my life life to become more active”

I decided I wanted to find something my life life to become more active, but keep my workout to my own pace. I found Zumba, which is structured but easy to do and enjoy the way that I wanted to.  I started out just doing Zumba , believing that I wouldn’t be able to do much more than that. The supportive community of people and the instructors continued to invite me to other classes.

One by one I started to “get my feet wet” in other classes. I found that I could do them and started to feel more confident and accomplished. I started to really enjoy the new classes and can hardly believe how strong I have become! A year ago I couldn’t have even imagined doing a plank. Now it seems pretty normal to do. I participate in; Walkfit, Healthy and Fit TRX, Total Body Conditioning, Zumba and I have even started the 30 minute H.I.I.T. class. I have gained strength, balance and more confidence in my abilities. In the past, I could only work in my garden for ten minutes at a time. Now, it has once again become something I can
enjoy.  I love it here because I didn’t want a traditional gym experience. Total Body 3D is a real gem, nothing boring in the classes. They always help me succeed and find a new comfort zone. I really look forward to going to class! I’ll be 70 this year and am still going strong!

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