Dana G. “I had a toddler at home and found that I was not doing anything for myself.”

I had a toddler at home and found that I was not doing anything for myself. I needed to do something that was for me only and that would make me feel better about myself. That certainly happened and in addition to that I truly enjoyed the group of people I was surrounded by. I knew for sure that I wanted to tone. I had other wants also but found out that I was looking at this entirely wrong. It wasn’t about weight lose for me but more about getting stronger and maintaining that. I had never looked at exercise that way before but found that was most important to me. The gauge wasn’t the scale anymore it was how my most favorite jeans felt. The environment at TB3D is different in many ways, all positive. I look forward to going, never have I once not wanted to go. Quite the opposite. I find that there isn’t any competitiveness just support at whatever level you are at. No judgement. And not just exercise, it’s a community of people that truly care about one another and are concerned when you haven’t been around for a while. I believe this is what makes it so different.

For me working out has become a necessity in my life. I feel physically and mentally better. Because of this I feel I owe it to myself to make sure I find the time to always include it in my busy schedule. I am proud of what I have accomplished in the way I feel physically and mentally. Because of this I feel I can do just about anything. Through life we have ups and downs and sometimes lose our way, get off track. Working out consistently, taking the time to take care of myself has put me back on track. I couldn’t be more grateful. The TB3D environment is also different in its training. In fitness there are so many different levels and the environment there is feels very individual. Many modifications are given to allow you to grow at the pace you desire safely.

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