It Took a While for My Wife to Convince Me- Matt N.

I have to admit.  It took my wife a little while to convince me to try out TRX with her here but I finally did go with her one day and I’ve been going every week since.
The two biggest reasons why I delayed going here was because of my hectic schedule and that there really weren’t any guys attending the class.  Eventually my schedule cleared, my wife was looking great from her workouts here, and we decided we were gong to start working out together.  So I tried it out!
I love TRX and Total Body 3D!  There are guys that go here but not in any class that I have been in yet.  Regardless it doesn’t matter and I get a great workout every time that I come here.  It’s really cool to see my wife workout and see how strong she has gotten by going here.  She’s amazing!  Our trainer Deb is great too.  She motivates everybody and pushes you to your max.  I really like that she gives me specific things to work on during the class to make it even harder for me and to work on some things at home too.  

    I like it so much I will probably attend other classes during the week like Kickboxing, Tabata, and some other workouts.  So guys come check out Total body 3D.  Come her with your girl, get sweaty, and have fun!  You will get a total body workout and you won’t regret it!

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