Jan V. “My story begins approximately 9 years ago or so at the ‘other place’ where Deb had her Zumba classes”

My story begins approximately 9 years ago or so at the ‘other place’ where Deb had her Zumba classes. I enjoyed the classes 2 to 3 times a week and yes there are many of us still here from that time. Soon we were moving to our current location but not before a few stops along the way while we waited for the building construction to be completed. We danced in the other Sport Zone building with no windows for a while. No one minded as we sweated to the music and wondered if it was light or dark outside! Then we outgrew that room and we literally burst into the parking lot for our Zumba classes and kept on dancing. I don’t think we had one rain out day while we were outside which was amazing since we live in Pittsburgh!

With much anticipation and excitement, we finally moved into the new studio with daylight, fans and new classes. One class which was new to many of us although Deb was already certified in and taught privately but just needed the room to expand was TRX, a resistance training class using straps that hang from the ceiling. It was quite a contraption at first and as you all know figuring out how to adjust the straps efficiently is the most difficult part when you are new to the class. TRX was developed by the Navy Seals so there was some intrigue in all of us to try to ‘master’ this class. When I think back at those first classes I could barely do a plank for more than 10 seconds and realized I had some work to do. With each class though there was an improvement that made me come back for more. It is a humbling experience when you first begin TRX and that is why you will never see any of us who’ve been doing this for a while, be anything but supportive to new people that come to class. As Deb says, we’ve all been there. The challenge is within yourself to do better and improve with each class that gives you the
satisfaction and literally strength to come back.

Recently I developed a stress fracture of my fibula and was in a walking boot for 7 weeks. I took a rest from TRX for a week but then the thought of not doing any of the strengthening exercises for that long was too frustrating. I thought there has to be some of the exercises that I can do with modification. So I wore my boot to class and used an ACE support and did what I could until my fracture was healed. The recovery has been much easier since I was keeping up with supportive exercises.

All of these years later, I have gained so much. I feel so much stronger in my core and can challenge
anyone to at least 25 ‘real’ pushups! In addition to my physical strides, I have also gained many
friendships along the way. We have all laughed, cried and even mourned together. If you haven’t been
seen for a few days, Deb will send an SOS text asking if you are ok or if something is going on. You are

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