Mandy B. “What inspired me to start looking at a fitness facility was the simple, “I did not fit well in my clothes.”

What inspired me to start looking at a fitness facility was the simple, “I did not fit well in my clothes.” I am a mother of two and I work during the day. Moms do not always get the break they want to go workout and become fit. In fact I used all the excuses in the book, “I am too busy, I don’t have time, I can’t possibly work out and take care of my kids because it takes too long.” I have a treadmill at home, to which I have heard people call this the “Hamster Wheel.” I would get on it and walk or jog, and I say jog because I can’t run or therefore I will not push myself to do it. The cycle for most people starts as I will workout, I will start Monday, I will then workout everyday. Lets face it we all have been there, and most of us quit or we get busy and put “working-out” on the back burner.

I was tired of being tired and sluggish. I kept telling myself something has got to give. Along comes Kindergarten, and I know what your thinking, “What does this half to do with your story about getting fit.” Well my oldest daughter started kindergarten, So naturally you meet other moms. I did meet a mom and not just a random mom but someone whose father was my school teacher when I was younger. You could have said it could not have happened at a better time.

After spending time with her, I found out she went to a workout place called Total Body 3D, she attended during the week and weekend, so I became interested. I casually would ask questions about, “What this place does” and “Are there evening times I can go?” I began to tell her how I wanted to do something but I was not sure exactly what I wanted to do because price was also an issue. I wanted to go workout but not pay so much that it would affect me financially. Finally I decide to try Total Body 3D for the first time.

Stepping into Total Body 3D for the first time was interesting. I notice lots of equipment that were not exercise machines. For my first class I tried Tabata, my friend had warned me that the class is intense and I needed something to get my butt going. I should note, I also have exercise induced asthma, this is not something you have from gaining weight because I have had it all my life. An inhaler is a must before a workout. I naturally thought that everyone’s breathing suffered during exercising. So please see a physician if you are wheezing during your workout.

My goal was to lose weight for summer and look good in a bathing suit. I cannot lie about it, I wasn’t going to “be strong.” Although what we tell our children is a different story, but I wanted to be happy with myself. I want to go somewhere where I was not cheating myself in a workout. After doing a Tabata class I knew this was not a joke, the workout was intense and I did not want to back down. The people there are great! The other people there welcome me with open arms, they would say, “Hi” introduce themselves and talk for a minute before class.

The instructors are wonderful! I have never felt more comfortable at a facility. There is no body shaming or snickering about your weight. The instructors give you direction on movements and alternative movements based on what you can do. During class they provide you with positive words and encouragement that no matter how hard your exercising you will get through it. The instructors help you on your form, whether it’s doing a plank, lifting weights or a kick-box move. I cannot honestly express enough on how working out in a class setting and watching everyone move in sync makes it worth it to be a part of Total Body 3D.

I am not able to cheat my work out. I go and work my hardest as another person besideme is doing the same. I am not by any means an extrovert, I like to hide and not be noticed. But for some reason exercising in a group is the only way I am going to get the workout done. I’ve received encouraging words from the instructors and they have truly noticed a difference in my form and in my body. It makes me feel wonderful to know they will take the time to know me as a person rather than just another face in a gym. This is an Un-Gym environment and more of a “Class.” Some days I feel like I am talking about going to school when I say “class”, but in a sense that is what it is. A place that teaches correct form and confidence.

I am currently losing weight and becoming stronger. An hour once, twice, three, or four times a week has helped my sanity with my kids. Total Body 3D has provided me an alternative to the running of a rat race and getting no where at the gym. The classes are never the same and the instructors are always changing it up. They want you to see results and to be continuously interested in the workout. Some people like to work out alone and that’s fine. But if your looking to be a part of something or the comradely of good people Total Body 3D is definitely a place to come and check out.

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