“We Are All in it Together.” Deanna E.

I started to check out fitness facilities because I was looking to be strong, not only physically but mentally and emotionally. It was my 45th birthday and I’d had enough. I joined the next day and because a stronger person all around from my experiences at Total Body 3D.

My top goal was to feel good about myself. When I first started here, the environment is what drew me in. There is no judgement, no falseness, just genuine people who have goals of their own. The people here inspire me to be a better person and strive to keep going.

I have made many friendships from class and if I miss a day, people actually care. It is fun to be in an environment where I can laugh and joke with everyone around me and also feel everyone’s support and encouragement as we all work on our individual goals.

In this environment, I am stronger mentally and physically. I feel as though I can try anything and not be judged. I know there is always someone there who totally understands where I am coming from.

Total Body 3D is not your typical Gym environment. People are actually in it together and we all encourage each other, especially when we are feeling like we just can’t do one more thing, we pull together and do it together. It is a positive environment that I am
grateful to be a part of.

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