“Working Out Literally Saved My Life”- Henrietta L.

I have been working out at Total Body 3D five years at Total Body 3D. Before that, I hadn’t worked out in any kind of fitness facility. I started my fitness journey years ago with Zumba.  On Sunday, November 5th , 2017 I had a scary situation happen in my life. I got up at 4:59 am for a routine visit to the bathroom and started shaking and sweating, feeling like I was going to pass out. When I got to the bathroom ,I started to throw up huge amounts of blood. I was home alone, but managed to keep myself alert and crawl back into my bedroom floor. I was unable to get to a phone. My husband came in around 6 am and found me there and called the paramedics. At the hospital , I started to shake and sweat again. I found myself waking up to a team of doctors and nurses ready to defib me. I had an ulcerate artery bleed of the stomach and needed surgery right away. I ended up recovering in the ICU for four days. They told me that I was lucky to be alive. I had lost a liter of blood in surgery and had thirty five external staples. They told me it would be a long recovery. The doctors also told me if it was not for the physical condition I was in from working out, I may not have survived and that I would have had a much longer recovery. My core strength helped to save me. I ended up being able to return to Walkfit within 15 days of the surgery and Zumba® just a little after that. I have eased myself back into my TRX and H.I.I.T. classes and it is great to have my life back to normal.  I am glad that I have found it so important in my life to stay active and not make age or lack of time, excuses to not work out, because working out literally saved my life.  Keeping my mind and body strong is the greatest gift I can give myself. Of course, our body changes as we age, but we truly don’t know what we can accomplish until we challenge our selves. Because of working out, at the age of 67, I am able to have more time with my family and friends. I believe this is due to all the classes I have taken and the great trainers we have at Total Body 3D. Not only that, but the well wishes and prayers that came my way from the instructors and the members truly uplifted me in a hard time. I am in the midst of a 12 week challenge to build my stamina and endurance back up, I invite all of you to join me.

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