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TRX Payment Options

Looking for a Real Deal?
With TRX group training get the results of personal training without out the high cost price tag.
BEST DEAL!! TRX Ultimate Success Membership:
Includes Unlimited TRX classes and all other classes listed in other memberships.
Pay by class options.


TRX Suspension Group Training Classes

Our TRX classes are designed to bring the results of a personal training session to you, for about the price of a group fitness class. We make the results of one-on-one training available to everyone.

TRX classes will teach you to master your body in ways you did not think possible. You will feel stronger in just a few sessions. Did we mention that TRX shapes your body and creates the ultimate core strength?

Because of the unique design of the TRX, we can teach multiple fitness levels at the same time. It's always, start where you are and lets improve from there

Check Out Our TRX Classes Below

TRX Suspension Group Training- Beginner to Advanced

TRX Group Training delivers an All-Body Workout like you have never experienced before.  Exercise every body part of your body, build muscle, strength and size. Develop  core strength and stability to enhance your  athletic performance, prevent against injuries and improve agility. TRX is a group training class which is guaranteed to bring you the results you want, as long as you apply the science. Our instructors and Facility are qualified by TRX. We bring you the latest in exercise that the industry has to offer. Looking for success in all the right places? This is the class you don't want to miss.

TRX Beginner and Technique Class- Beginner to Medium

Introduces you to the basic mechanics of using the TRX to learn set up, distance and form. Learn how to engage your core on every exercise . Every suspension training exercise builds true functional strength for every day living activities, improves flexibility, balance and core stability all at once. This class is a personal training experience which teaches you to work at your own level in a group environment. Your technique will be assessed to bring you the best possible results. See a change in your ability to execute the moves in just four classes. A great refresher class to come back to as you progress to the more advanced classes.

TRX Core N More- - Beginner to Advanced

 This class combines Yoga, Pilates and Core moves with the TRX. All core all the time is the motto of this class and will take these traditional moves to the next level of fitness.

TRX Challenge- Medium to Advanced

This class is designed for those who feel comfortable in the intermediate class, are proficient in TRX and ready for a serious challenge. There is nothing easy about this class! It is designed to take you to the limits of your fitness abilities. This class is truly all about changing your body and fitness level.



Speciality Group Payment Options

Specialty Class Membership includes;
All of the following classes PLUS BeFit/ DanceFit Classes
Pay by class options available


Speciality Group Fitness Classes

These group classes are for those individuals looking for a challenging  exercise program. It does NOT  include  TRX Classes.  All classes can be modified if you desire to change your fitness level. Must be able to do mat work on the floor to be successful at this level of exercise.

TB3D Kickboxing

Join us for 50 minutes of unleashing your personal power with drills, techniques and HIIT training sequences.  Taught by a blackbelt in karate, learn how to use your personal strength in your punches and kicks. This class can be modified by any one wishing to improve physical and mental performance. Take the six weeks to power challenge.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Tabata

For so long exercise has focused on what happens to your body during exercise. New research reveals that we should focus on what happens after exercise. The Tabata formula involves shorts bursts of high intensity training to keep your body burning 5xs the calories long after the class is over. The race is against yourself . Each time you take class, you have the chance to exceed your personal best.

 There are no routines to learn, only a serious workout sequences involving 20 seconds  work, 10 seconds rest, four minutes for each Tabata. Seven different Tabatas and a core round to make sure you don't get bored!

Power Up

This class combines the power of free weights, bands, bodyweight and other fitness tools to target a specific body area. 20 minutes of focus on a selected area and 20 minutes of floor/core work to challenge and create a new level of strong.

Different areas of the body are targeted each week to keep your workout fresh and challenging.

Strong by Zumba®

This is not a dance class!  This class combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training moves synced to original music that has been specifically designed to match every single move. Every squat, every lunge, every burpee is driven by the music, helping you make it to that last rep, and maybe even five more.

You will burn calories while toning arms, legs, abs and glutes. Plyometric or explosive moves like high knees, burpees, and jumping jacks are interchanged with isometric moves like lunges, squats, and kickboxing.


Zumba/ Be-Fit Payment Options

BeFit /DancefFt Membership
All of the classes in the Zumba /Be-Fit Category
Drop in rates available


Zumba®/Be-Fit Classes

Looking to be healthy and have a better quality of life? This group of classes was designed with these goals in mind.


Designed for beginners, seniors and those who love to sweat along with the party.


All of our instructors have over 10 years experience of bringing the best party possible to you. If you have gotten bored with the Zumba scene, it is because you haven't given our class a chance!

Zumba® fitness is a dance-move-based class that is about having a great time at your own pace and fitness level. We're not saying you won't come out of class drenched with sweat. What we are saying is that it is our party atmosphere makes it fun and goes so fast, you will be sad to hear the last song.

Zumba® in Da Club

Looking for the club experience to get you away? Join us for our club night with lights, atmosphere and music that will bring out the hip hop dancer in you.

Healthy and Fit TRX Class

 You need more than aerobic exercise to maximize your overall wellbeing and improve your quality of living.This class uses simple, off the floor, TRX movements for those looking to increase their strength and flexibility.

Strength and balance are an important part of staying active and fit. This class will bring a you a new fitness level, focusing on strength, balance, coordination and focus.

It is a great choice for older adults, people new to exercise, gastric bypass, pregnant women or anyone that is looking forward to improving their fitness level.


Walk your way to a more fit you. This class helps you to keep a comfortable but effective cardio pace while using light hand weights (optional) to tone and strengthen you cardio and muscular body. Preserves lean muscle mass and increase you metabolism..

Total Body Conditioning

This is a conventional toning class that strengthens and tones your body with dumbbells, bands and other fitness equipment. It also includes some cardio to raise your heart rate. This class also incorporates floor work.

Yoga 30

Join us for 30 minutes of Yoga to stretch and strengthen your body and mind. Yoga 30 is for anyone that might feel a bit overwhelmed by a full yoga class but still want to feel the benefits of yoga.