The Best of Both Worlds!

Total Body 3D and Diamond Athletic Club have

teamed up to bring you the best of both worlds

of fitness. Enjoy 24 hour access to equipment at Diamond Athletic Club while having the option to be challenged at our many group fitness classes. Check out our special pricing to attend both facilities and ramp up your workout experience. Keep watching the schedule for this fun fitness experience.

Groupon Information

Groupon contracts several of our classes through their websites. Please be aware that your contract is with Groupon, and that the agreement is for 10 SELECTED classes that are listed “Book Now’ on THEIR website. If you have ever visited our studio you are NOT able to use a Groupon for classes. Our purpose for participating in Groupon is to give people the opportunity to experience our studio. We receive no monetary value for participating in Groupon.

Sign Your Kids up Today!

Working Out Can Be Fun

Looking for something fun for your kids to do this summer? Enroll them in six weeks of summer fun with our first ever Kids Poundfit® class taught by education specialist Andrea Frescura. Space is limited so reserve your spot today


Pound is coming On March 8th!

Experience the Ultimate Workout that challenges all areas of your body while bringing you the fun of drumming.

Keep watching the schedule for this fun fitness experience.

12 Week Challenge

This program will include committing to 2 to 3 TRX classes per week, 2 cardio classes , 10,000 steps at least 5 xs in the week, a good eating plan and attending our lifestyle coaching classes by video. We will set you up for success , all you need to do is show up! This year we've increased your chances of success by offering the "Buddy Up" option. Pick a buddy to help motivate and keep you on track to success.



Why You'll Love Drinking Shakeology®

You'll not only be healthier, you'll feel healthier—and happier—who doesn't want that?

Why Drink Shakeology Every Day? It can help you: Lose weight, Reduce junk food cravings, Provide healthy energy, Support your digestion and regularity.



6 Zumba/ Be Fit Classes $30- (One Class Free)  Deal expires March 31st

6 Speciality Classes $40- (Save $8) Pound, HIIT, Yoga, Kickboxing . Deal Expires March 31st

1st TRX Class FREE for new clinets if you meantion seeing this on our website.