Our Speciality Classes

   These classes are named Group Speciality because they are a step up from our base classes.  They help our clients to focus on certain skills and are meant to help them learn to push their limits and excel at their own personal level.


Each of our instructors have been individually  selected and trained to help a client start from where they are today and help them improve in every class. They are also are trained to inspire, motivate and recognize when it’s time to rest and when it’s time to push our clients reach their true potential.

     All of our classes constantly change so we are always challenging muscles in a different way. This brings them constant success and improvement.

  It is really exciting to see a new client start a class barely able to do it and in six weeks crushing the same class. Ask any of our instructors, seeing that improvement is one of the greatest moment of their day!

What Should You Expect in A Speciality Class?

Expect to always be challenged at your own fitness level. No class is ever the same which means your workout is always fresh and continually helps you to bring your best.

Expect instructors dedicated to bringing you the best experience possible.


 Double Your Strength in This Class That Challenges and Strengthens Your Body Physically and Aerobically

Two classes that give a complete workout. Stop thinking about the way fitness used to be and embrace all that your body can do?

Our instructors will take you step by step to to find the strongest parts of yourself. Once you have embraced our classes, you will never feel the same about yourself.

Empowering Kickboxing

Up Your B*tch Factor Kickboxing

More than ever, women need to find their confidence and strength. Women need to understand how "to stand in their own space", without apologies or the need to conform.

This kickboxing class helps you to find the strongest part of yourself through learning proper techniques to using your body in punching, drills and moves.

Taught by Deb who has a blackbelt in Tang Soo Do.

Men also welcome!

Total Body Definition

 A Mid Range Workout With All the Elements Power Up and HIIT in a More Relaxed Environment

Keep it moving, this is a class that can be modified for most workout levels.

Classes always change up to give you a new and interesting workout.

Become stronger  and improve your fitness level each week.

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