Personal Empowerment

One of my favorite quotes that often runs through my mind is the definition of insanity, “ Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

This quote especially rings true in the world of fitness. Each year we buy the same stories of what it takes find success. Each year we find ourselves in the same arena of fitness thinking, “I am the one who didn’t stay committed , who didn’t do my best.”

The fitness industry counts on you taking responsibility for their failures. Success is promised if you follow their weight loss plan.  The truth?  Out of every 100 people that start a diet plan, 3  will actually maintain any amount of weight they lost in the past year while more than half of them will most likely weigh more than when they first started.

The reason that these programs don’t work is because they lack the key to success, personal empowerment.

We live in a world that shows us time and time again a false picture of who we are supposed to be with unrealistic eating scenarios and body images.

In the time I worked as a trainer in athletic clubs , I was shocked, first at the poor body image most of the trainers actually had of themselves and second how many trainers really struggled with eating disorders, to keep their body image and compete in bodybuilding shows.

In the October, IDEA Fitness Professional Journal  it says, fitness professionals are among the top industries to experience eating disorders. They state, “The pressure to be perfect at all times is a lot to handle. In the fitness industry, physical appearance often equals success.”

To find out true success we need to stop looking for the industry standard of success and have enough confidence and self acceptance to see the potential of our individual self.

When we are treated as an individual, recognized by our own strengths instead of looking outside ourselves for who we believe we need to be , we start to bring power to our own brand of success.

Seeing the value of your body, how you are built , your style , your self, allows you to find your personal success. Feeling comfortable and celebrating the real body, first from what you feel inside and then creating that vision of yourself in your physical body.

Personal empowerment in the fitness experience means that we ;

  • Don’t have to be like everyone else.
  • Are capable of seeing our strengths as individuals and us those strengths to find success.
  • See your value as an individual.

These are the clients that find success at our studio. We build on real people and see the potential of the real you.

The key to success is making it personal. Don’t settle for a carbon copy of when you can be the real deal


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