The TRX Summit

The TRX summit is an opportunity for Instructors to learn TRX Suspension Training from the actual creators of TRX. It is an intense weekend of knowledge and skills.

We are excited to bring all of that knowledge and skill back to you straight from the source.

10 Year Zumba Instructors

honored by Beto, the creator of Zumba. All who were still teaching strong were invited to the Zumba convention to dance with Beto on stage in from of thousands of Zumba instructors.

Zumba which started out with just a stage full of people, now has instructors all over the world.

Guinness Book of World Record Zumba®

We held the title for one day with an attendance of over 1100 participants at the Relay for Life in Murrysville in 2011. An exciting day for us!

Raising Money for "A Child's Place"

After raising over $4000 for video and forensic equipment to help sexually abused children, other organizations stepped in and donated the rest of the money to make it happen. Check the story out at;

Suicide Prevention Fundraiser

Always a solemn when we know friends and family that have suffered loss. We were honored to help ease their pain in a very small way and help them offer awareness to others. We were able to raise over $2000 because of our great participants.