The Hamster Wheel of Fitness

So you work to get to the magic weight, you know, the weight where your life will be perfect.

You almost get there and bam, you get tired, something comes up and you need to start all over again.  I call this the hamster wheel of fitness, going around and around, working toward a goal that is never going to happen, that we never really expect to happen, or believe can happen.

So much like the hamster, we keep going round and round with the same ideas, in the same goals, getting the same results.  As long as we keep thinking about this magical, end result we keep our mind occupied.

Just like the hamster runs on the wheel and gets nowhere, sometimes the goal is not really success, finding the end game, but the idea is to keep perpetuating the idea of working toward success by working really hard on a goal that we will never reach.

At this point, you’re probably reading this and saying, “What do you mean, I don’t really want to get there? It’s what I’ve worked for, it’s all I think about. It’s with me when I sit down at every meal, every piece of food that goes into my mouth. I never forget, how can I not want to get there?”

Ask yourself this question; “When you get to your goal weight, what are you going to think about?” Most people look at me a bit alarmed when I ask them this question. They have been thinking about this idea so long, working towards the goal, that they have never actually thought how they would occupy their brain, once they finally reached it. The very thought of being successful puts them in a state of panic.

The second person that says, "Oh I will be so happy", which is a delusional thought.

Being thin doesn’t make you happy. I know plenty of unhappy thin people. Have you ever looked back on a picture from your teens or younger years, and remember how fat you thought you were?. Most of us would like to go back and be so fat.

So if, at a weight, that is possibly less than where you are trying to head now seemed fat to you, how do you know that you will be satisfied this magic weight that you’ve chosen?

So you travel round the hamster wheel, believing you want to get there, working so hard, but fighting the same battle over and over again.

Of course, if we are truly the on the hamster wheel, when we actually find some success we sabotage ourselves. It’s not good enough, our inner voice tells us, we will never get there and this is true, If we are truly on the hamster wheel, because really getting there is not the goal.

The hamster wheel also causes us to set unrealistic goals about what where we should be.  Everything becomes about the scale, that magic number. It doesn’t matter if if we are more fit, more curvy, more assured. The number is all that matters.

The number is what defeats us and keeps us on that wheel, running round and round, but never getting any closer to our end game.

How do we get off the wheel and learn to enjoy where we are? How do we accomplish our goals and have a more fulfilling life that revolves around more than what we eat and how we perceive we look?

First step, is to recognize that we may be afraid to actually reach our goal. It is important to evaluate what we are really trying to avoid when we constantly think about weight loss?

Second; set realistic goals or reward yourself with positive reinforcement other than food.

Speak to yourself kindly, value your owns strengths and opinions.  Live each day is if you have accomplished your goal already.

A little secret, if your goal is to lose weight, you will never be able to go back and eat the way you did when you caused the problem. So if you feel you’re an eating hiatus, you need to remember that nothing changes if nothing changes.

Be patient, remember the journey is the destination. The things that you learn each day is what will keep you in a successful place long term. Without those new tools and skills, you will never be able to change or maintain your new lifestyle.

Stop buying into the industry standard of fitness and health and success and be brave enough to be an individual. Every time you can stand and appreciate yourself for who you are you pave the way for another human being to do the same.

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