What Does TRX Do for Youth?

TRX for youth and young athletes builds core fitness which helps overall performance of all sports.

Minimizes Sports Injuries

Because TRX strengths the whole body as a unit it minimizes sports injuries, Ex. knee injuries by 57%

Helps the Body to Learn to Work Together Quickly

With a little as four sessions, athletes will already see significant  improvement in their performance

4 Week Sessions Focus

Our four week session focus strengthening a specific area related to your athletes  performance. Our first four weeks starts with complete body performance, teaching the muscles to work together in a more unified manner.

Give Your Athletes the Edge in Their Sport

TRX gives parents the opportunity to think outside the "box" and offer their youth a different way to train their bodies. It is a great compliment to other training programs or a great stand alone program to bring your athlete to the next level of body control and strength.

4 Week TRX Team/Teen Sign Up

Our first four weeks will focus on teaching your athlete to; strengthen the core suspended, learn how to use the whole body as a unit, increase stamina. Classes begin Wednesday June 20th and Thursday June 21th. Ages 11 and up. Special pricing for teams available , 724-875-8463.