TRX-Hanging Out and Getting Fit

         I have limited patience. If you want to sell me an idea, show me a way to get fit without the boring and keep me entertained  so I don’t keel over in sheer “I don’t want to be here”, you gotta sell me the idea fast. And most of all I have to see the fun, the staying power or just to be upfront, I’m outta here.

     This is one of the biggest reasons that I fell into a longstanding relationship with TRX Suspension Training. It’s challenges me just enough to be entertaining and interesting . At the same time I call the shots on how hard I work by a simple adjustment of my body position.  TRX teaches me about all the muscles I never knew existed (especially after the first session).  When those muscles wake up to the fact that they are supposed to be working together, things start to happen quickly. The body becomes strong all over.

        In as little as four TRX sessions , I have seen people double their body strength and awareness. Imagine the confidence when you first did a plank on the floor correctly?  Now  imagine the confidence that you will feel the you master a plank with both feet suspended in the air!

        The thing about TRX is that it is a tool that everyone can use for whatever fitness goal desired. Looking for better posture? Almost every TRX exercise starts with the cue to stand in good posture to initiate the exercise. Looking for a defined body free of bulky muscles? TRX builds long lean muscles, a stretch and strengthen philosophy.  Looking for balance? Every exercise starts with learning how to properly activate the core .

     Did I say core? In any fitness quest people are crunch crazy, always looking for that perfect six pack. Not many people realize that the core is more than surface abdominal muscles. The job of the core is actually to stabilize the spine which in turn stabilizes the entire body.  Higher core stability brings a lower risk of injury.

    TRX ’s motto is ,” All Core, All the Time.”  As we use the TRX to activate all parts of our core together, we create body awareness. Do you know what body awareness does for you? It lets you know and feel, how and where your body is moving at all times. It is like a celebration of body knowledge, at least that’s what its like for me.

      So you are probably sitting there either thinking , “This is too hard or too easy for me”, the truth is that TRX adapts itself to every goal, every desire , every age group, every athlete, every person looking for a better life experience. It individualizes itself to each of our needs.

All by itself?

   No, that’s where we come in. We take our job seriously. We know what it feels like to be you. We also know how to help you get to where you want to be, this time. Notice we said this time? Because to be honest, this probably isn’t your first rodeo in fitness. Our goal is that you learn and keep that knowledge so it enhances your everyday life skill.

 Our TRX classes are taught as a personal coaching session that focuses on each individual in a group.   We offer TRX classes for all fitness levels.  Come to TRX and learn how you can feel younger and healthier everyday.

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