TRX Suspension Group Training- Beginner to Advanced

TRX Group Training delivers an All-Body Workout like you have never experienced before. You will exercise every body part of your body, build muscle, strength and size ,by challenging your body in a way it has not been challenged. Develop good core strength and stability to enhance your  athletic performance, prevent against injuries and improve agility. TRX is a group training class which is guaranteed to bring you the results you want, as long as you apply the science. Our instructors are qualified by TRX, as is our Facility ,to bring you the latest in exercise that the industry has to offer. Compare our group training pricing to other facilities and see why we are an affordable option for everyone.


TRX for Youth- Ages 12-16 Beginner to Medium

TRX training is a great way for youth to improve their balance, core strength, coordination, flexibility and endurance. TRX training finds the weaknesses in your child's performance and helps them to strengthen their technique. TRX also helps to reduce the risk of sports injuries.


TRX Beginner and Technique Class- Beginner to Medium

Introduces you to the basic mechanics of using the TRX to learn set up, distance and form. Learn how to engage your core on every exercise . Every suspension training exercise builds true functional strength for every day living activities, improves flexibility, balance and core stability all at once. This class is a personal training experience which teaches you to work at your own level in a group environment. Your technique will be assessed to bring you the best possible results. See a change in your ability to execute the moves in just four classes. A great refresher class to come back to as you progress to the more advanced classes.


TRX Core N More- - Beginner to Advanced

Discover the core you never knew you had in this class that combines Yoga, Pilates and Core moves with the TRX. TRX is core all the time and will take these traditional moves to the next level of fitness.


TRX Challenge- Medium to Advanced

This class is designed for those who feel comfortable in the intermediate class, are proficient in TRX and ready for a serious challenge. There is nothing easy about this class! It is designed to take you to the limits of your fitness abilities. This class is truly all about changing your body and fitness level.


TRX Express- Medium to Advanced

30 minute body blast of well chosen moves to work your entire body. Think you can't get a

workout in 30 minutes? Think again! With each exercise lasting 2 minutes, you are sure to be

tired and sweating at the end of thirty minutes!