TRX  Group Suspension Training

When we brainstormed the idea of an Un-Gym”D environment, we wanted to offer our clients the benefit of a personal training experience at a reasonable cost for everyone.

Private studios can cost as much as $120-$150 per month for the same type of success that you will experience in our TRX group classes, for a fraction of the cost.     

   Our focus is always on learning how to do it right, because that is a skill that stays with you for the rest of your life.

    It is still amazing to see the quick improvement that client experience in TRX. In as little as four classes, your body starts to recognize and reacts to the new body cues that the TRX gives.  The sense of accomplishment is priceless.

     TRX doesn’t really get easier but as you learn to accomplish more, your body is capable of moving to the next challenge.

The great thing is that our classes are designed for support of every fitness level. In TRX  if you are willing to learn then we will teach you to find your best strongest self.

                                                 It’s what we do.


Which TRX Class is Best for You?

TRX Suspension is based on fundamental training which means that it makes your everyday life more successful physically and mentally.

Mostly anyone can do TRX , it just takes the right attitude and the right class fit for you.

Listed below are the types of classes we have and the fitness level involved.

Learn How to Use Your Core

TRX Suspension Group Training Classes Teach you Very Quickly How to Master Core Moves.

We have a formula to teach you to find your strength in as little as four classes. These classes have floor work. In order to do this class successfully you just need to b e able to hold a basic plank.

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The Next Step, TRX Challenge Class

Once You've Mastered the Basics it's Time to Move on to TRX Challenge

Most people get addicted to the feeling of body mastery with TRX and want to take on the next challenge. This class is never easy but always worth it.

Taking you to the limit of where you believe you can go and then teaching you that you  can soar beyond that point is the focus of this class.

Healthy and Fit TRX for All Ages

TRX is a fantastic tool to use to slow the aging process. It strengthens the body and teaches it to learn work as one unit. It is great rehabilitation for knees, back problems, shoulder issues and muscle imbalances.

TRX brings back the strength by teaching the importance of good posture and core use.

Our Healthy and Fit Classes and our intro class focus on teaching good form and strengthening the body without needing to do the floor work.

Would You Like to Learn TRX in a One on One Setting?

Check out our Personalized One on One Training Packages to help you learn the basics and start you on your way to a stronger you. Call Deb to schedule your session, 724-875-8463.