This Week in Zumba

12 Classes to choose form this week

Want to learn the new moves?.. Visit Debbie's Vlog and learn the steps then come ready to rock... or just do your thing it is all about finding your own rhythm!


Let us know which moves you want to learn,  Suggest a song



Zumba Fitness- Beginner to Intermediate

Zumba fitness is a dance-move-based class that is about having a great time, at your own pace and fitness level. We're not saying you won't come out of class drenched with sweat. What we are saying is that it is our party atmosphere makes it fun and goes so fast, you will be sad to hear the last song.


Our Zumba classes are about the music and the moves.

We have taught classes  in eight different locations before opening our studio in the  Murrysville Area. We are well known for our quality and" bring the sweat" classes, that are motivational , fun and challenging , yet doable for all fitness levels. Our participants are energetic and like to work hard . We have found that the participants of Zumba are always welcoming and friendly to newcomers and joke with them about how it doesn't matter whether you know the moves, just do your own thing.


In our classes, we keep true to what we stand for, that exercise is for everyone, young, older, fit and not so fit. We want you to feel comfortable and successful in our classes. We  show you how to modify your moves or  take it to a higher level.