When We Let Our Body Experience the Music, We Feel Joy.

Great Feelings Make Healthy People.

Zumba at Total Body 3D

See Beyond the Workout

When Zumba® first originated, it was all about the joy, the party. It was an experience that everyone could enjoy, regardless of their fitness level.

It made people smile, relax and just enjoy the moment. Everyone participated in Zumba regardless of age size or dancing ability.

Once the fitness clubs got ahold of it and started to talk about calories, weight loss and changed the concept into what they knew, aerobic exercise and calorie burn.

Of course all those things were happening before, but the focus turned away from the shear joy to a chore. People lost their focus of fun and turned their focus to just the fitness aspect.

At Total Body 3D, we are all old school Zumba® instructors. We started with Zumba when it was all about the fun and movement and we've kept that same focus throughout the years.

If you have never experienced the absolute  joy of an old school experience then come give us a try.

We don't care if you can dance or if you have ever danced. We just want you to bring your happy, crazy self and party with us.


Zumba Speciality Hip Hop


Likes hip hop moves and incorporates the latest and best music in her classes.

She likes a good party, is easy to follow and creates a lot of energy in her classes.

All fitness levels welcome. All moves can be modified.

Zumba Specialty Fun Latin Music


Lights up with energy when she teaches Zumba®. She loves to use the whole stage to bust a move. 

She scours utube for the best latin music and moves and brings them to her classes.

All fitness levels welcome. All moves can be modified.

Zumba Specialty Mixing It Up


Likes all kinds of music and plays a wide variety of music.

She keeps everyone hopping with her choice of songs and moves.

Everyone can attend Wendy's class. She provides modifications for her moves.

Join Us...

for an amazing party atmosphere. $5 after 5 pm, all other classes $7 drop in, packages available. To get the $5 EVENING, pricing pay at door.